Evan & Amanda Wedding

Evan Santos – Amanda Lapus
Venue: Balai Isabel

Video: Bob Nicolas   |   Photo: Wedoitforlove  |   Wedding Planner: La Belle Fete Weddings & Events
Caterer: Passion Cooks    |    Stylists: Passion Cooks/Fleur Arts    |     Florist: Fleur Arts
Bridal Gown: Maureen Disini   |   Entourage Gowns: TanTease    |   Lights and Sound: RPV
Tent: Tent King    |    Entertainment: Reggae Mistress    |     Make Up Artist: Ria Aquino
Hairstylist: Rochelle Lacuna   |    Emcees: Wanggo Gallaga/Quark Henares

I said, ‘That girl makes me wanna be a better man.

And should she see fit, I’m gonna treat her like a real man can.

We’ll be together with a roof right over our heads

we’ll share the shelter of my single bed. We’ll share the same room, yeah, for Jah provide the bread

So lose your backpack filled with sand. Come along and take my hand.
We’ll walk together, walk forever.

“In the street one day I saw you among the crowd, in a geometric pattern dressed.
Gleaming white just as I recall.
Old as I get I will never forget it at all

Follow the sun, and which way the wind blows, when this day is done.

To me you are the only one who can help unwind my tangled mind.
I am the seed but you’re the sun.

I think love has something to do with allowing a person you claim to love to enter a larger arena
than the one you create for them.

“I was crazy about you then and now. The craziest thing of all,
over ten years have gone by, and you’re still mine.
We’re locked in time, let’s rewind.”

My baby don’t care for shows. My baby don’t care for clothes.
My baby just cares for me.

“Now I have come to understand, the way it is. It’s not a secret anymore,
’cause we’ve been through that before.

But just maybe, like a ukulele, Momma made a baby.
Really don’t mind the practice, ‘cause you’re my little lady.

From tonight I know that you’re the only one,
I’ve been confused and in the dark. Now I understand..
Just like an angel off the page. You have appeared to my life.

lady, love me ’cause I love to lay here lazy. We could close the curtains;
pretend like there’s no world outside. We could pretend it all the time.

“My acres of a land that I’ve achieved; it may be hard for you to,
stop and believe, but for you, oh, you, I’d leave it all.

Breathe, breathe in the air. Set your intentions. Dream with care.
Tomorrow is a new day for everyone- brand new moon, brand new sun.

My many artifacts, the list goes on- If you just say the words,
I’ll up and run to you. Ooh, you, I’d leave it all.

So follow, follow the sun, the direction of the birds,
the direction of love.

Back when all my little goals seemed so important, every pot of gold fill and full of distortion.
Heaven was a place still in space not in motion. But soon, I got you. I got everything.

I get lost in him, and it’s the kind of lost that’s
exactly like being found.

4 years ago

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