Peter & Marisse Wedding

Peter Annink – Marisse Gabrielle Reyes

Make Up Artist: Victoria Gonzalez
Gown: Altered dress by Jen’s Pirate Booty
Photographer: Wedoitforlove
Suit: Tonichi Nocom
Coordinator: Bride’s Maids Co.
Cake: Henny Sison
Food: La Tasca
Florist and Event Stylist: Zenas Pineda

You were always my reason to exist to worship you was my religion
In your kisses I could find the warmth you gave to me
the love and passion

And I dream of you, skin to skin, drowned in kisses and laughs, love.
And I collapse in the heat that there is in your thighs, in your sea –
crying in silence, trembling in your absence,

With A crazy longing, I want to see you today
I await that moment
In which i’ll hear your voice

Everything quivered Inside of me
It was written by the universe that you’d belong to me.

I long to hold you near and kiss you just once more.

In the afterglow of day
We keep our rendezvous beneath the blue
Here in the sweet and same old way
I fall in love again as I did then.

The shadow that passes, the light that embraces me
your eyes looking at me,
the street that sings your song everyday,

For so long we have enjoyed this love
our souls got so close that
i keep your taste but you also carry a taste of me.

A hug, An “I Miss You” And the way you watch
It’s that you taught me how to love And the form of your expression
It surpasses the material Through your love I can breathe
Here is where I want to be.

Blessed be the place, and the reason to be there
Blessed be the coincidence
Blessed be the clock, which took us there at the nick of time
Blessed be your presence

I know it’s not easy Saying I love you Nor did I expect it to be
But that’s the way love goes It just happened
And now I am all yours

Love is like a light that spreads to the soul
and flows like water until it fills the heart.

Dear, your love makes me feel good
Your love disarms me, controls me
It sweetens me
But well, your love makes me feel good
your love conquers me.

Blessed be God for putting us in each other’s way
And for removing this loneliness from my fate
Blessed be the light, blessed be your glance

Tell you “I love you” one more time.
I want to be your wings and your sky,
I want to be your sea and your sailboat,
The ground and your feet when you walk

4 years ago

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