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Boris Johnson set up a tent on someone else’s land and angered a farmer

Scottish farmer Kenny Cameron was extremely outraged that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a holiday with his family put a tent in his field without permission. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the publication, Johnson came for a few days with his fiancee, four-month-old son and dog to the Applecross Peninsula to spend a vacation in a rented cottage Old School House. A sheep farmer who appeared on his land next to the cottage after the Prime Minister’s departure discovered that the Prime Minister had climbed over the wire fence instead of going through the gate leading to the field. To climb over the fence, Johnson and his wife used chairs, probably taken from the kitchen of the cottage. In addition, the head of the British government set up a tent on the farmer’s land.

The farmer’s concern was also caused by the fact that Johnson lit a fire, which is dangerous because of the drought observed in recent weeks in this area. Cameron pointed out that in this way, the Prime Minister sets a bad example for the British. “He could have set up a tent in the garden of his cottage and there would have been no problems, but he didn’t,” the farmer stressed.

Johnson’s security guards apologized to Cameron, explaining that both they and the Prime Minister considered his plot part of the cottage. They dismantled the tent and removed the garbage from the territory. The farmer admitted that he was not a supporter of Johnson’s policy and is in favour of Scottish independence, but he is pleased that the Prime Minister came with his family to this quiet and quiet area.

Earlier, it became known that 75 percent of the British people polled were in favor of reducing Boris Johnson’s salary by 10 percent.