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Fugitive ex-President of Bolivia accused of rape and human trafficking

Bolivia’s justice Ministry has accused fugitive ex-President Evo Morales of rape and human trafficking. This is reported by BBC News.

It is noted that the case is based on photos published in the media of the former President with a 19-year-old girl. Presumably, they started Dating when she was 14 years old.

The justice Ministry said it was also establishing the role of the girl’s parents, who allowed her to travel with the Bolivian leader. Morales faces a sentence of six years in prison for rape in Bolivia, and 15 for human trafficking.

Earlier, the Bolivian Prosecutor’s office charged Morales with terrorism and its financing. The prosecution believes that Morales coordinated the food blockade of the cities during the clashes in November 2019.

Acting Bolivian President Janine Agnes said she would not pass a law protecting former President Evo Morales from criminal proceedings. Agnes said that the authorities are unable to protect those who are “harassed and lied to Bolivians” and also mocked them.

Evo Morales announced his resignation on November 10, 2019, amid ongoing protests, after which he took refuge first in Mexico and then in Argentina. At the same time, he called the incident a coup and said that he was ready to return to the country.

Mass riots in Bolivia began after the announcement of the results of the presidential election, which was held on October 20. They were won in the first round by Morales. His rival ex-President Carlos Mesa did not recognize the results of the vote. The authorities were accused of rigging the results.

Russia has recognized Senator Janine Agnes as interim President of Bolivia. Moscow called the events that led to the resignation of Morales equivalent to a coup, but considered what was happening an internal matter of the country.